Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spot the Difference.

Hey my trusty fellows! Here is a game. I will propose you two pairs of pictures. Your mission should you decide to accept it, is to recognize which one is from a movie, and which one is from real life. Actually, these are also good examples of the Polish way of life.

Well, the perspective is not exactly the same, but I suppose your brain can perform some spatial translation…  This one is easy, but the next is a different kettle of fish:

Yes, the death of the former Pope is a lie, he was carbonited so he could come back when he'll be the most needed. I think I'm spotlighting one of the most kept secret! I should submit this info to Wikileaks... The World Must Know!


  1. Too easy.. because I don't want to end the game now, I'll just say that one of those pics comes from invasion L.A., which by the way is a veeerryyy good movie :-D I've always dreamt about having the magic glasses :-D

  2. Was he sold to Jabba the Hut too??

  3. So am I, but I'm afraid to discover the true face of all these pretty chicks... haaaaa nooooo!