Sunday, July 3, 2011

Symbolism or the way to mess your communication

Poland has taken the lead of European Union for the next 6 months, and of course, it’s a good opportunity to communicate and show to the face of the world that the country is the best, etc… Well, that’s common stuff, every country is doing the same and making some mistakes... And to begin this reputation war, here is the official logo.

Quite simple, full of symbols and easy to understand… Ok, nothing to say. 

Now is the official website explaining the aim of European program, etc… It’s actually a model of simplicity and efficiency, in my opinion I mean… Ok, nothing to say. 

And there is the movie putting into movement the Polish identity and strength which will lead Europe on the path of success. And… there is something to say J
I suggest you to watch it before reading so you’ll have your own feelings and interpretation.

According to the creators, Europe is represented by the woman, beautiful but sad, sitting in a complete but lifeless place. Fortunately, Ken (let’s call him Ken), who is the personification of Poland, appears between the buildings and brings life to Europe and everything around. By the end of the movie, Europe is smiling, light is warm, and a new building (which represents Poland) is filling the gap between European buildings. They lived happily ever after. Happy end.

My opinion is slightly different.

First, the place: the environment is definitely a corporate place, which means that people are not the principal value. 

Second, Europe and Ken: Europe seems to be very passive… And Ken looks like an Italian guy with the face (and the hair) of a Norwegian. However, a friend of mine noticed that Ken is actually the Polish Plumber! To resume this story, the Polish Plumber was the symbol of total economic liberalism and social dumping in France, and the Tourist Office of Poland found a very funny and ironical way to promote tourism.

(I'm staying in Poland, come.)

I already know some of you who are going to visit me soon...

Third, the dance: Ken is inviting Europe to dance a mix of tango and waltz (typically Polish don’t you think? But it could also mean collaboration between cultures). And from the moment they touch each other, the world begins to collapse!!! WUUUT?? I mean… What??? We are talking about symbols… Ken touching the hand of Europe, Poland taking the lead of European Union… and the world is falling apart? Whouhouhou… 

Fourth, the rebuilt: As they are dancing, blocks (or foundations of EU?) are floating in the air as they are insignificant as feathers swept by the wind. Then they began to agglomerate and start the construction of a brand new place… cubic like before, let’s go back to the communistic era. And the icing on the cake, the new building talking the free space between others gives this impression of “no way back”, “jail” or whatsoever which is quite the opposite of freedom… You're blocked between the blocks.

Fortunately, this movie is just a detail and there is an interpretation for everyone. What’s yours?