Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The ID Chronicles

This Saturday, I was with few colleagues at the Przekaski Zakaski. That’s a Polish tapas bar (Polish and tapas in the same sentence? Yes, and it’s worth it) where you can easily talk to anyone as it’s a total friendly anarchy, just in front of the Presidential Palace. 
Here it is! Yes I know, I have to take my own picture next time. It’s essentially the place where I’m learning Polish (Poprosze piwo, a draft beer please, the most important sentence to learn a language). So, I was there, drinking beers and eating potatoes (of course potatoes), and when I wanted to leave, no jacket! Someone stole it… with my passport in the pocket… Shit happens… On Sunday morning I’ve been to the police office where they were asking in Polish for my passport. If you follow what I’m writing, that’s the reason I was there because I don’t have it anymore. Finally I obtained an appointment at the central police office with a translator so let’s go! The translator shown up 1 hour late because… she got arrested by policemen on the way to the police office! Let’s begin, my jacket was stolen, with my passport, and of course I blocked my credit card. 2hours to explain that... At the end, I stood up to leave the office and the police officer asked me: “where is your jacket? It’s cold outside”. I know, but remember I have no jacket anymore. “So you should buy a new one today or tomorrow, we’ll have snow soon”. Well, I really want to, but tell me how I can go shopping without a credit card? I suppose it’s so common they don’t really hear what I said. To finish the story, I went to the French Embassy this morning, and tell the security guys that I have to declare the loss of my passport and make a new one. Ok, go to the consulate section. But they didn’t let me in… No ID… Say what? However, there’s a happy ending. I was finally allowed to go through the gate, and when I said my name… “We received your passport yesterday in an anonymous letter”. Ho thank you so much mister Lupin. Even though you still have my jacket, you're a very gentle thief. Let’s go eat some potatoes to celebrate, don’t you think? J

Friday, January 7, 2011

New country, new year, new job… New Life !

And by the way new blog… first blog… Well, that’s just another useless occupation. I hope I will handle it for more than 3 months J. So what’s the point? Well, of course, telling my friends about my so impressive and interesting life. However I don’t want to tell you about what I ate for my last meal or how many beers I can get before going to pee (even though it could be amazing to conduct a statistic pool… let me think about it), but I will try to describe what’s my environment, the behavior of the population I meet… seen through my pretentious, smelly and nationalist French eyes. Well… And for this shiny brand new year, here is the first statement: it’s cold here! And I have a little story about that. After my last interview one month ago, with the final answer (Yes!), I went out from the Saski Crescent Tower, enjoying the snow blowing on my face, breathing deeply this frozen air, happy, and as Isaac Newton did before me, I finally discovered a new fundamental law of Physics: 25cm of snow multiplied by 1.6M inhabitants equal 5cm of deadly slippery ice on the sidewalk plus a very strong attraction from the ground. It hurts. The funny thing is (yes indeed, I fell down, then what?) that no one around me was laughing, or helping me, or even looking at me… People just don’t care. It’s a regular everyday normal issue, and everybody is slipping on the ice, falling down, picking up, then slipping once again, as a perpetual motion. So here starts my new Life, close to the ground, everything has to get built, local friends, activities, this very blog, and learning Polish!