Thursday, February 17, 2011

Working time

Hey there! Long time no see! I was a bit in a hurry lately. First, the owner of my flat increased the rent just two weeks after I moved in with all my stuff, and my flatmates and I only had 2 weeks to find a new place, or else… Finally, I’m living now in a lovely girly little place full of useless stuff. I kinda like it actually, thanks to the dishwasher and the two beautiful girls with whom I’m living maybe. Then, with my job, I have to pass certification exams, or else… (I like ending sentences with that, it remembers me Demolition Man). Actually that’s not exactly work right now, I’m presently in a so-called “Bootcamp” where we are trained on the products we are selling to clients. Well, indeed we are trained, it’s quite tough but just in a limited time interval. Then we are drinking so much coffee, eating polish food, and talking to international newly hired colleagues who come in Warsaw just for the training. First, Polish people with whom I’ll be working soon. They were not talking that much but that’s ok now because it would have killed me if they stayed mute. Then we have the guys from the UK. The oldest, all around 45, but the funniest. One has the same voice of Terry Gillian! Here come the Spanish guys. After 2 years of living in Spain, I’m very impressed about their English skill. Of course with a typically Spanish accent, but they are speaking pretty well and partying every single day! The French are French, which means handsome, funny, cultured etc, and speaking with a strong accent as I have. Here come the Japanese… One is black belt of an unknown martial art where they use to throw fireballs, the other one, I didn’t understand who he is, but what I know about Japanese people is if they are not throwing fireballs, they are changing themselves into giant space combat robots… Ho! I forgot! We are also playing Robot Unicorn Attack! Here it is! (Click to Play)

But be careful, it can change you sexuality… It has already happened to me, I really enjoy the company of women now… Haaaa forbidden places where no men can knowingly enter! YES! That’s it! Doing shopping  with them, helping them to find the sexiest skirt and cache-coeur, sometime going into the cabins to give my opinion on lingerie, and of course, surrounded by a horde of hot chicks suffering from compulsive buying… Nightmare is real, and the worst of it, I’m loving it :)