Friday, January 7, 2011

New country, new year, new job… New Life !

And by the way new blog… first blog… Well, that’s just another useless occupation. I hope I will handle it for more than 3 months J. So what’s the point? Well, of course, telling my friends about my so impressive and interesting life. However I don’t want to tell you about what I ate for my last meal or how many beers I can get before going to pee (even though it could be amazing to conduct a statistic pool… let me think about it), but I will try to describe what’s my environment, the behavior of the population I meet… seen through my pretentious, smelly and nationalist French eyes. Well… And for this shiny brand new year, here is the first statement: it’s cold here! And I have a little story about that. After my last interview one month ago, with the final answer (Yes!), I went out from the Saski Crescent Tower, enjoying the snow blowing on my face, breathing deeply this frozen air, happy, and as Isaac Newton did before me, I finally discovered a new fundamental law of Physics: 25cm of snow multiplied by 1.6M inhabitants equal 5cm of deadly slippery ice on the sidewalk plus a very strong attraction from the ground. It hurts. The funny thing is (yes indeed, I fell down, then what?) that no one around me was laughing, or helping me, or even looking at me… People just don’t care. It’s a regular everyday normal issue, and everybody is slipping on the ice, falling down, picking up, then slipping once again, as a perpetual motion. So here starts my new Life, close to the ground, everything has to get built, local friends, activities, this very blog, and learning Polish!

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