Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Couldn’t find a job in France, hired in Poland, sent to Paris as an expat’… Isn’t it ironic… don’t you think? (Now you have Alanis Morissette’s voice in your head). It’s been a while actually I’m back in my home country, eating le bread, drinking le wine, and avoiding Polish winter like a boss (fuck yeah). Living out of Poland is of course the main reason why I haven’t kept this blog up to date, obviously (someone told me that I’m obsessional, and as all obsessional I always have an explanation for everything… Perfect excuse! What? Am I trying to find a new reason?). So, my assignment is coming to an end soon, I’ll have to go back to Warsaw (which I really enjoy), though… I began to love my life in Paris, my habits, my district, relatives around, friends, not paying the rent… You’re right, I’m becoming sentimental J Let’s go back on tracks! This year is election year in France. BUT! I can’t vote in France as I’m living abroad, I should vote at the French Embassy in Warsaw. Let’s go to the Police office to prepare proxy voting to a friend of mine living in Warsaw... BUT! I can’t perform it from France! I’m an expat’,  I have to go to my Embassy… Irony chapter 2: Reloaded!

And finally, living in Paris is not as pesky as I thought…

This is a fresh start! I neglected this blog for too long! Maybe I should hire a guy. Who said it’s for celebs only? This is segregation against lazy people!